Macmillan Education

Speak your mind! – video content for a multimedia teaching resource

Speak your mind! is a multimedia teaching resource that we developed, scripted and produced for Macmillan Education.

The video content of Speak Your Mind! includes 30 minutes of drama that follows two teenage students, Ed and Olivia, as they leave school and make major life choices. There are also mini-documentaries about various aspects of British life and interviews with young people about their studies, work and social lives.

What our client says

“There are three principal concerns a publisher has in mind when commissioning a supplier of AV material:

• Will the product be of high enough quality?
• Will it come in on time?
• Will the costs be contained?

Our relationship with Sharp Focus produced a positive response to each of these questions. What’s more, the sense of humour and professionalism of Sharp Focus staff made the experience great fun.” Sonia Montero

Senior Managing Editor, Macmillan Education

Click below to watch two complete drama sequences and two complete interviews: