What we do

Sharp Focus Productions make high-quality films for a wide range of clients in the education and corporate sectors, including Cambridge University Press, Harper Collins, Macmillan Education, Burlington Books and Truro School. We develop concepts and scripts and pay great attention to detail when making these come alive as engaging and motivating film and video.

The company was founded by producer and director Rob Maidment in 2005. Rob has over twenty years’ experience of making drama and factual programmes, including extensive work in the field of English language teaching films for Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and other major publishers in the UK and USA.

We handle all stages of production and are very happy to become involved in projects at an early stage to help shape the content and ensure a successful outcome. More details below:

Scripts for film, video and TV

We create and develop script concepts for corporate and educational projects, ranging from short web films to extensive programmes for television broadcast and DVD delivery.

We recently wrote the scripts for The English Programme, a series of fifty-six 20-minute television programmes for learners of English in Turkey, combining drama filmed on location with studio-based exposition sequences. The series was produced by Anadolu University in conjunction with Cambridge University Press and broadcast by TRT, the Turkish national broadcaster.


Script writing


Script editing


Rob Maidment is an accomplished drama and factual director with experience of location and studio filming in the UK, Europe and the USA. His educational and corporate work has won numerous awards.


Drama directing


Documentary directing


We’re equally happy working on a large-scale drama project that takes several weeks to film, or a short factual film that can be shot in just one day. We provide all the elements that are necessary to bring in a production on schedule and within budget.


Budgeting and financial management


Facilities sourcing


Creating and leading production teams


Contract negotiation


Casting actors and presenters


Music commissioning


The post-production phase is often the most important and creative part of a film or video project. We apply a large amount of skill and expertise to picture and sound editing and use state-of-the-art hardware and software to achieve the best quality.


High-quality video editing and mastering for all types of delivery


Audio post-production