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Truro School Prep School film

Footage for the Prep School film, including interviews with children and parents, was all filmed in the course of one day.

By careful scheduling, we were able to cover a wide variety of activities within the school – both academic and sporting - and provide a clear and comprehensive overview of the school’s unique qualities.

I commissioned Sharp Focus Productions to undertake the filming of our Prep School and our Senior School – to create a five-minute film for each school that would go on our website. I had a particular vision in mind of what I wanted – films that encapsulated what a special and unique place both schools are, as well as capturing the Cornishness of our environment, and the huge variety of activities and lessons that take place in a typical week. The final cuts of the films did that and more. Through inspired and creative filming combined with highly professional and clever editing, the films truly reflect life in our schools. Rob was an excellent director, and his team blended into the school day with the very minimum of disruption – getting the most out of the pupils and the teachers. I found the whole experience a real pleasure, as well as a stimulating creative project. I would highly recommend any school to work with Sharp Focus Productions – they are excellent value for money.
Tessa Nichols
Head of Marketing, Truro School