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The most important element in any film or video production is the script. We have a great deal of experience in writing and editing scripts for a wide range of drama and factual projects. A particular area of expertise is the creation of English language teaching (ELT) scripts.

We either develop scripts from the initial concept stage or work with ideas and early drafts supplied to us by our clients. Because we have experience of all stages of the production process, we know how to create scripts that will be cost effective while also delivering maximum impact on screen.

Our scriptwriting work has included creating the scripts for The English Programme, a major series of fifty-six television programmes for learners of English in Turkey that combined drama filmed on location with studio explanation sequences. The series was produced in Turkey and the UK by Anadulo University in conjunction with Cambridge University Press and broadcast by TRT, the Turkish national broadcaster.

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The best ELT video I’ve ever seen.
Julian Oakley
Assistant Director of Studies, Wimbledon School of English, referring to the Cambridge English Empower video series.