Location Research

We find great locations that help to tell the story

Locations add visual impact

Finding great locations is a key element in the production process. Location research can be the most time-consuming part of any project, but it needs to be done well as it has a huge effect on the look of the finished product. We have experience of filming in locations that range from suburban houses to mainline train stations and the hills of Snowdonia.

We always search for great locations that will help to tell the story and really enhance the visual quality and appeal of the film.

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Photo Locations

Columbia Road

Photo East London shops

Street and shop locations in East London for Cambridge English Empower (Cambridge University Press)

Modern kitchen

Photo family home

Family home location for Talking Heads (Burlington Books)

Millennium Bridge

Photo Millennium Bridge London

Millennium Bridge, London, for Cambridge English Empower (Cambridge University Press)

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The best ELT video I’ve ever seen.
Julian Oakley
Assistant Director of Studies, Wimbledon School of English, referring to the Cambridge English Empower video series.