Casting Actors and Presenters

We cast actors for drama projects and presenters for factual films

Bringing a film to life

The cast are one of the most important elements in bringing a film to life. When starting on a new project, we work closely with our clients to find the best talent for their film or video. We liaise with leading talent agencies and draw up shortlists before meeting potential cast members for auditions. These are filmed and made available online for our clients to review before the final cast is selected.

We have a great deal of experience in casting lead and supporting actors for dramas, and presenters for factual films. One of our particular areas of expertise is casting for English language teaching (ELT) films aimed at secondary school and adult learners of English.

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The best ELT video I’ve ever seen.
Julian Oakley
Assistant Director of Studies, Wimbledon School of English, referring to the Cambridge English Empower video series.